What is SmartFlybox?

SmartFlybox merges your Smartphone and your fly-boxes to help you remember where and what flies you have.

SmartFlybox is not a catalog of flies - its about YOUR files. Its about you recording what flies you have in your fly-box, and then being able to recall what that fly is used for, how to fish it, and what successes you might have had with it.

Using SmartFlybox

If you're a fly-fisher, then you no doubt have several fly-boxes with a myriad of flies in them.
Remembering what each fly is and how to fish it can be an onerous task.

Tag your Flies

Record and recall what flies you have in your fly-boxes.

Uses your Smartphone Camera

Take an image of the packed flybox

Your Info

Record and recall your own information about the flies in your collection.