Here's some tips on using SmartFlybox.

Getting Started

Once you've downloaded the app from the Apple App Store, the first screen you'll see when you run the app is this:

An empty box called "New Box" is automatically created, and the app defaults to the free version with adverts and a limit on 1 box, 2 sides and 20 flies.

Touch the "Menu" button (the 3 blue bars at the top left) and the SmartFlybox menu will slide out from the left:

Touch any of the menu items to go to that section of the app.

If you have previously purchased the Pro license you will need to go to the "Purchase" section to let the app fetch your purchases and so disable the advertising banner.

Touching the Purchase item will allow you to purchase the pro license.

The Pro version is shown below. Note the "+" button at the top right which allows you to add more boxes to your collection.

Touch the "New Box" to go to the contents of the new box:

You will see hints shown on the screen. You can turn these off in the Settings, or touch them to dismiss them.

The "Action" button at the top right gives you the available actions. See Action Menu Button