Here's some tips on using SmartFlybox.

Key Concepts

Boxes and Sides

SmartFlybox organises your fly-boxes and their divisions into “Sides” - Most fly-boxes have 2 or 3 “sides” as well as a cover.

The first view of the fly-box is the cover of the box - use it to help identify the box. (You cannot place flies on the cover - you need to swipe left to reveal the first side in the box before placing flies or interacting with the contents of the box.)

Your fly catalog

As you add flies to your fly-boxes, you will build up your catalog of flies. SmartFlybox allows you to store basic information on the fly (its name and category) whilst allowing you to create a link to online information on the Internet. You can delete a fly from the catalog (by swiping right on the fly in the catalog) if the fly is not used anywhere. Don't worry – the app will not let you delete a fly that is tagged in a fly-box.

Placing Flies

Once you have physically placed the flies in the box, take a snapshot of the box, mark the position of the flies in the box, and you now have a record of the fly and where it is in your fly-box. SmartFlybox now becomes your “memory” for the fly-box.

Updating Images

As you use flies or add new flies to the box, you can update the image and retain all the existing placed flies in the box.

Updating the image of the side of a box requires you to use 3 reference points on the box as fixed references. I suggest you make 3 small marks that you can easily see. 

When updating the image, you need to touch the 3 points in sequence, take an updated photo, and then touch the same 3 spots in the same sequence again. This enabled SmartFlybox to “move” the flies from the old image to the new image retaining all the existing flies location