Use the following steps to help you recall what your flies are and how to use them

1. Take a photo of the fly

After unpacking the fly, take a photo of the fly, and record the information given to you about the fly in SmartFlybox's catalog of your flies. You can also link the fly to an online reference for the fly.

2. Place your flies in your fly-box

Place your flies in the fly-box. SmartFlybox allows you to easily move flies around if you need, and to remove and repopulate your flybox.

3. Take a photo of the fly-box division

Once you have all your flies in your fly-box, take a photo of the box division. This is used as a background onto which you tag your flies.

4. Tag the flies

By touching the image of the flybox at the point at which you have placed the fly, you can tag the location and fly in order to easily recall what the fly is.

Now you can recall what your fly is and the information on the fly just by touching the image of the fly in the box.

Click the image above to see a short video of how to use SmartFlybox (approx 2.5MB)

Need some help?

We've got some more details on each step here. You can also access the help from within the App.


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