What is SmartFlybox?

What is it?

SmartFlybox was born out of the fact that as a programmer and a fly-fisherman, I never found the time to get to learn what flies I had in my fly-boxes bar a small handful of them.

I guess that like many fly-fisherman who never have enough time to fish because of work and family commitments, I'd simply ask a local shop what flies to use whenever I do get the time to go out fly-fishing.

As a result, I have ended up with boxes full of flies whose use or fishing technique I had long forgotten.

So, if you're like me, and never have enough time to do the things we love doing, then I hope that SmartFlybox will be your “memory” for the contents of your fly-boxes and as a result you'll be able to use the range of flies you have to catch and release more fish.

What is it NOT !

It's NOT a catalog

SmartFlybox is NOT a catalog of flies available out there. It's all about what flies you have in YOUR box. I have also deliberately steered away from all things “sharing” - be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. This is about YOUR flies. There's a ton of useful information on flies that are typically localised for the country/area that you fish in. Having said that, you can build up your own fly catalog or library as you build your fly-box info.

Getting SmartFlybox

SmartFlybox is available on the Apple App Store as a free download.

The app displays adverts by Apple which you can remove by purchasing a "Pro" license.

The "Pro" license also removes all limitations in the app, allowing you to create multiple boxes and have as many flies as you like.